Life Lessons on the Soccer Field

Shatliff Soccer prides ourself on not just teaching soccer, but building individual characteristics and values that will last a lifetime. Evident of our new leadership program offered to all Shatliff Soccer players. Below are just a few of the key components expected within our training session.

Characteristics & Values of Our Players

Consistent positivity directed toward self and teammates
Facing adversity through competition
Respect toward coaches and teammates
Belief that "I CAN" and don't accept "I CAN'T"
Focus and concentration
Consistent work ethic
Care for the wellbeing of others

What We Expect From Our Athletes

Training begins with a handshake, eye contact and a smile from both coach and player. We should be genuinely excited to be present on a soccer field and doing something we all enjoy. Bags are lined up and organized training shirt is tucked and players are encouraged to take the opportunity to warmup and communicate about the fun they are about to undertake together.

Players are expected to work hard from start to finish. Fight for every 50/50 ball, play physical in challenges and show a desire to win and keep the ball. Exercises are designed to promote healthy competition and challenges that create a winning mentality. Shatliff Soccer players are expected to go for it all and train in a game-like environment that prepares them for the weekends.

Water breaks will be taken, but it is about maximizing the time on the ball and on the field. Understanding and recognizing that failure will occur and the opportunity that arises to learn from it.

Most importantly, each value listed above is instilled throughout the course of the season. These characteristics are often understood, but not implemented and that is our goal for each athlete we train.

When sessions are ended with a handshake, a thank you and see you soon, coaches and players show that a relationship is built on trust and care. Ultimately a relationship that will help build a strong and confident athlete and also a child who will work off the field with lessons they can use for the rest of their lives.