Why Shatliff Soccer Gives You More

What is your child learning from training? What are the soccer skills frequently taught? Read below for some insight behind our philosophy.

What The Players Are Learning

Technical Skills - dribbling, passing, shooting, receiving/control and defending.
Tactical Skills - attacking and defending in a group, movement without the ball, keeping possession, decision-making and building out of the back.
Psychological - teamwork, accepting failure, facing adversity, healthy competition, work ethic, desire and sportsmanship.
Physiological - soccer fitness, speed and agility, core strength, game conditioning, and physicality in challenges.

U9-U12 Training

U9 to U12 teams are trained with a more technical focus. This means basic skills are taught by maximizing touches on the ball with emphasis on the topic of the day.

Each training session begins with 12 minutes of intense dribbling where a goal for each player is to touch the ball 500-1000 times. "Everyone on the ball" is a common theme as we teach a new dribbling move or turn that will build confidence with the ball at the player's feet.

The next 12 minutes focus on first touch control and passing. Possession games are played with a defender (similar to monkey in the middle) with 3v1 or 4v2 games dependent on the skill level.

The remainder of practice is teaching a skill of the day.

Training always ends with game-like conditions or a scrimmage. Typically the most fun part of the day for the players, this is where players should attempt to put the skills they learned in action.

U13+ Training

U13 and above curriculum is not quite the same as the younger groups, but all the same technical points are covered during the course of the season. Technical training is always incorporated, but players should have the basics down and spend time at home building the skill set they need.

Tactical training becomes critical in fostering an overall understanding of the game of soccer. We want players to work together as a team to move the ball forward and defend as a unit. Great individual play is always a pre-requisite of a good team, but 11 players who know how to work together using their "soccer sense" is the start of a GREAT TEAM.

Mentality is reinforced in each and every individual. Competition during training drives progress and pushes players to work hard. Coaches create a game-like environment for the players in order to develop drive, focus, positivity and work ethic.