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Positivity, Leadership & Grit. These are the core values at Shatliff Soccer that we believe help develop highly skilled complete soccer players, and even better people.

Shatliff soccer firmly believes in starting with the basics. At a young age, we believe that our role is to develop players with a healthy foundation by placing a heavy emphasis on the technical side of the game. Training sessions are created specifically to maximize touches on the ball, helping to build both confidence and ball familiarity. Also, at Shatliff Soccer, we encourage players to express themselves, and they are taught from an early age to make mistakes, as this is where the learning takes place.

As our player develops technically, we continue to place a heavy emphasis on technique, but also begin to introduce tactical elements of the game. We feel that it is extremely important to plan realistic game training sessions to challenge our players and push them beyond their comfort zone. Ultimately, this allows players to practice technique under pressure like in the game and in a more functional style of practice.

The environment we create for our players at Shatliff Soccer requires both individuals and entire teams to be thinkers. Our coaching staff does this by asking guided questions, which helps the player and the team understand the “when,” “where,” and “why” to a variety of technical and tactical scenarios that occur while training and eventually playing. We believe that if coaches are constantly telling players what to do all of the time, the player is unable to understand the “why.” Therefore, getting our players to think for themselves and problem solve allows them to gain a stronger understanding of the game.

Here at Shatliff Soccer we first and foremost understand the importance of developing good people. If we can help our players understand simple life lessons, such as, working hard to the best of their ability, being respectful and attentive, shaking hands with coaches & opponents, and positively encouraging their teammates , this will ultimately give them the tools necessary to succeed at soccer and beyond.

Our main goal at Shatliff Soccer is to help foster an everlasting love for soccer! If our players are having fun, are constantly learning, and are consistently challenged technically, tactically and intellectually, we feel that is the recipe for success.


Respect & Culture

Shatliff Soccer places a heavy emphasis on what we believe to be crucial organizational and behavioral requirements that promote a professional work environment for both players and coaches alike. Players are required to arrive 15 minutes prior to the practice start time. This policy allows the session to run smoothly, ensures that we begin at the correct start time and players are not being added to new drills that hinder concentration levels of others. All bags need to be lined up facing the field of play. This helps players find their bags during water breaks quickly, and limits transition times between exercises. Players must shake the coach’s hand and politely greet all trainers, coaches and parent coaches upon arrival and departure, when possible. If a player is late, he or she must apologize to the coach before entering the session. All teams must be wearing the correct uniform for practice. If there is a circumstance in which the player is unable to wear the correct training kit, appropriate soccer attire must be worn. Absolutely no hooded sweatshirts tied around waists and if a training jacket is worn, it must be zipped up. At the conclusion of all practice sessions, a team huddle will take place with all players giving their undivided attention to their coach. All players must leave the training field in an orderly manner as not to interfere with other sessions that may be taking place. All litter must be cleaned up and placed into the nearest trash can. 



Parents have a huge responsibility on the side line on game days, tournaments, and at training. It is important that we act as role models, as we are representing our children, our town, and the coaching company that your child is playing under. At the start of every new soccer season, all Parents must view the “ILWYP” video in the “Parents” section on the Shatliff Soccer website ( There is absolutely no coaching from the sidelines. The reason for this is we believe coaching comes from mistakes and guided questions, so the players have to think for themselves. We do not want to lose teaching opportunities. If you are a vocal parent, we do encourage positive praise towards our team and the opposition. For example, the likes of “great job” and “good hustle” are highly encouraged. It is important that parents communicate with the coach as early as possible if a player is unable to attend practice or a game. Please be supportive of our coaches, it can be extremely damaging to a players attitude if they are consistently hearing negative comments regarding a substitutions or tactical decisions. If you do have an issue during a game or training, Shatliff Soccer implements the 24 hour rule. We understand that emotions do run high and we feel reflecting for a small period of time before a discussion is healthy. Under no circumstances should any parent question a refereeing decision.



Our objective is to create age-appropriate training plans that are as realistic to the game as much as possible, while challenging the players and encouraging them to have fun. Training sessions are in conjunction with the Shatliff Soccer curriculum and focus on a certain style of play. We motivate players to trust their ability on the ball and have the confidence to build play through the different layers of the game. As a team, we highly encourage our teams to try to build out of the back. Under no circumstances will any of our players in a training session environment be encouraged to go long or clear the ball when under pressure. As coaches, our role is to promote problem solving, bravery on the ball, and creativity to try to play our way out of tight situations. We also place a significant focus on work rate and desire off the ball. It is important that Shatliff Soccer players understand the importance of earning their right to play, and know that before you can influence the game with the ball you must work extremely hard when you don’t have it. We have a zero tolerance policy for bad behavior, lack of respect, rudeness and laziness. Players that exhibit any of these traits will simply be asked to sit out of the session for a period of time that is decided by the coach.



At Shatliff Soccer, the coach has an obligation to give every single player an equal opportunity to grow and develop. Before the start of each season, coaches will meet with parents and players of their teams to go over the season and explain clearly what is to be expected. U8 and U9 players will play equal playing time for each and every game. U10 and U11 players will be given equal playing time throughout the course of the season, meaning there may be certain games a player does not get the same playing time as another player, but it will be made up in an upcoming game. U12+ players, playing time is earned. Please note that there may be circumstances this may change. If a player is consistently missing practice or has a poor attitude, that particular player may see their playing time decrease. Players that turn up late for games do not start games. Game day play style and approach are in conjunction with our club style of play. This means that the team is expected to try to play with composure and build play, rather than force the ball in a direct fashion.  Players must work hard in possession to provide multiple options for the player on the ball or others. Players must work hard off the ball and show a hunger and desire to win the ball back quickly. All players must be respectful to referees. Irrelevant of poor decisions, players must be respectful and learn to deal with adversity.

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